Through a centralized human resources structure, the Human Resources Department delivers a wide range of services – such as selection and placement, remuneration and side benefits, training and development, and execution of organizational processes – to all Group companies, which are organized under Kazancı Holding.

By comprehending human resources requirements in the most accurate manner, and employing the most appropriate and efficient methodology, the Human Resources Department ensures that all company departments are well-prepared for today and the future, by using swift, effective solutions and strategies specially tailored for the structure of Kazancı Holding companies.

Kazancı Group’s motto – “Our most important asset is the workforce” – forms the basis of its Human Resources Policy. Kazancı Holding’s main objectives in its human resources activities include:

  • Adopting and implementing a “best practice” for the human resources policies of the industry,
  • Managing all human resources processes efficiently with a view to creating a competitive edge,
  • Ensuring coordination and providing performance support.

Kazancı Holding aims to pursue the most appropriate human resources policies so that its organizational structure remains dynamic and competitive in line with the Company’s strategic plans and targets.

Kazancı Holding aims to become “the employer of choice among development-centered and productive professionals” in its industry. Kazancı Holding’s human resources perspective is based on core values such as:

  • The right person to the right job,
  • Management of differences,
  • Equal opportunity,
  • Personal and professional development

Employee satisfaction and engagement are central components of Kazancı Holding's human resources vision. To this end, the Company develops and implements the policies necessary to enhance the commitment level of its workforce. Kazancı Holding views the diversity of its human resources as a valuable feature of its organizational structure and a key aspect of the workforce, which constitutes its intellectual capital. The Company aims to provide equal opportunity to employees in all human resources processes and practices, and does not tolerate any discrimination on the basis of race, religion, language, gender or sexual orientation. In addition, Kazancı Holding embraces the universally accepted principles of human rights, and is firmly opposed to child labor and forced labor.

Through its human resources practices, Kazancı Holding offers swift and effective support to its staff, and plays a crucial role in further enhancing the productivity and performance of all units of the organization.