Founded in the 1950s, Kazancı Holding is one of the leading groups in the energy sector.

Shaping its activities always based on the principles of customer satisfaction and trust during its journey of more than half a century, the Group has become a global powerhouse through investments made all over the world with its visionary identity and innovative mindset.
Kazancı Holding started its journey, which laid the foundation for the Group companies in the energy sector, with Watt Electric Motor Factory in 1968. The Group commenced generator manufacturing in the 1980s, power plant construction and electricity generation in the 1990s, natural gas distribution in the early 2000s, and electricity distribution and sales in 2010. As a result, Kazancı Holding gradually built its vertical and horizontal structure in the energy sector and reached a unique position in the industry.

Positioned ahead of its competitors thanks to its expertise and integrated service competence in the energy industry, the Group aims to grow within the sector through a long-term strategic focus, and retain its leading position. The Group continuously increases the lasting added value it creates for the Turkish economy with its investments in agriculture and tourism sectors in addition to energy as well as foreign currency cash flow and employment opportunities it creates.

Today, Kazancı Holding is a global power with production facilities on 4 continents, more than 10.000 employees and operations in 22 countries, exporting goods to 178 countries around the world.
The subsidiaries of the Holding are among the leading companies in their respective fields due to the achievements they have attained. Amongst those companies operating under the brand Aksa;

Aksa Natural Gas provides natural gas distribution services to a population of about 16 million and approximately 5 million subscribers. The Company safely operates a 38,089 km network infrastructure in 27 provinces, 255 districts and towns with 21 distribution licenses. Serving Turkey’s widest geographical distribution area, Aksa Natural Gas is the country’s largest private natural gas distribution company, distributing 11.6 billion m³ of natural gas and boasting 21.5% market share.

Aksa Energy is a global energy company with business operations in 7 countries with 12 power plants and performs all steps in power plant installation - from project development, procurement and construction to installation - in-house with its own competent technical teams. Aksa Energy has built and operated over 30 power plants using various energy resources to date. Transferring its know-how overseas through power plant installations in countries in need of energy, Aksa Energy provides fast, flexible and reliable power plant solutions to energy-strapped countries.

Leader of the Turkish generator market, Aksa Power Generation is one of Turkey’s biggest exporters, shipping its products to 178 countries. Aksa Power Generation exports more than 65% of the production of its plants located in Turkey, China and the USA; and it is one of the top five power generator manufacturers in the world with its 4 production facilites and 19 sales offices in Turkey, 24 overseas sales points and and production in 4 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa and America.

Aksa Electricity is one of the pioneering electricity enterprises in Turkey with its customer centricity and innovative approach. It is the incumbent supply company providing energy to consumers across Turkey and within its licensed regions of Çoruh and Fırat. Providing electricity sales services in 81 cities, and supplying electricity to 2.4 subscribers and a population of 4 million in Çoruh and Fırat regions, Aksa Electricity sold 11 billion KWh of electricity across Turkey in 2022.

Çoruh and Fırat electricity distribution companies are committed to continuously boosting customer satisfaction with an uninterrupted distribution approach without compromising on quality standards. These companies meet the electricity needs of a population of 4 million located in their service regions by distributing 6.77 billion KWh of energy annually.

Introducing a corporate modus operandi to the agriculture sector since 2005, Aksa Agriculture has become one of the major companies engaged in cattle breeding, dairy farming, orchards and arboriculture. The Company operates in line with EU standards at its two farms in Samsun and Tekirdağ. The company operates in EU standards at its 48,000 head and livestock facilities and two farms in Samsun and Tekirdağ.

Aksa Tourism is a major player in summer tourism and convention tourism with the 5-star Mirada Del Mar Hotel in Göynük, Antalya, whilst the 4-star Mirada Del Lago Hotel and the 3-star Mirada Del Monte Hotel in Mount Erciyes attract winter tourism. Aksa Tourism continues to take its place among the leading organizations in the tourism sector by expanding its field of activity with Bodrum Mirada Exclusive Hotel, which opened its doors to its guests in June 2022.