Since its founding in the 1950s, Kazancı Holding has strived to offer reliable and high quality products and services.

The trust our stakeholders place in our brand has driven our aspiration to achieve better each day and to continuously expand the value we create.
Forming the basis of our corporate culture, our values have been shaped in light of our more than 50 years of experience. We did not simply establish values and follow them. Instead, we embraced what nurtured us, what brought us together toward shared goals, what moved us forward to where we are today, and what will keep us together in the future. These experiences helped form Kazancı Holding’s values.

Our corporate values incorporate all the elements of our vision and mission statements, which serve as a compass for the Company. Kazancı Holding’s values also define our culture, our ways of doing business and our future objectives. As we unified employees from diverse cultures, countries and backgrounds under the umbrella of Kazancı Holding values, we have based our competencies on these values.
We are committed to our company and core values.

• We safeguard the interests of the Company in all business activities and processes.
• We strive to use our individual strengths in a way that facilitates the Company's success.
• We feel responsible for the results the Company can achieve.
• We are committed to the Company's goals and our fellow employees.

We pursue efficiency and other benefits in all our business activities.

• We contribute to customers' achievements.
• We encourage our employees to make most of their potential.
• We continuously improve our products and business processes.
• We are well aware of our social responsibilities and contribute to Turkey’s economy as an organization that respects people and the environment. We adopt an innovative and sustainable environmental approach in all our business activities.

We build our relationships on respect.

• We value and trust each other.
• We promote open, honest and direct feedback and mutual communications.
• We respect diversity and value every individual regardless of their religion, language, race or gender.

Using time efficiently, we make decisions and take action swiftly.

• We do not resist change; we embrace change and see it as beneficial to the Company.
• We are proactive when it comes to matters that pertain to our business. We assume responsibility, consider the risks, and demonstrate courage in taking the initiative for the business to run smoothly.
• We generate ideas and suggestions to identify, prevent, and resolve problems, or improve the situation at hand when necessary.
• We actively seek out opportunities and take action within our area of responsibility.