Commercial foundation of the Group.


Watt Electric Motor, the Group’s first energy company, was founded.


The Group entered into generator manufacturing business.


Aksa Service and Spare Parts was founded.


Kazancı Holding A.Ş. was founded.

Aksa Power Generation’s Istanbul factory was inaugurated.


Aksa Energy was established.


The Group entered natural gas distribution sector.


First natural gas distribution license was obtained.

Aksa Electricity Wholesale was founded.

Aksa Agriculture commenced commercial operations.

Aksa Tourism commenced operations with Mirada Del Mar Hotel.


The first privately-owned natural gas wholesale trading company in Turkey, Aksa Natural Gas Wholesale, was established.


Natural gas distribution operations were merged under the umbrella of Aksa Natural Gas.

Aksa Power Generation’s first factory in China was inaugurated.

Aksa Tourism’s Mirada Del Lago and Mirada Del Monte hotels became operational.


Aksa Energy’s IPO took place.

The Group assumed control over Çoruh and Fırat electricity distribution regions.


Ali Metin Kazancı Antalya Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant reached an installed capacity of 1,150 MW.


Aksa Power Generation inaugurated its power generator factory in China, which has the world’s largest production capacity.


Aksa Power Generation’s factory in the USA was inaugurated.


Bolu Göynük Thermal Power Plant, Turkey’s second private lignite-fired power plant, became operational.

Aksa Aksen Energy Trading was founded.

Aksa Energy entered the African market by executing a power plant construction and guaranteed energy sales agreement with the Republic of Ghana.


Aksa Energy executed agreements on power plant construction and energy sales with the Republic of Madagascar and Republic of Mali.


Aksa Energy’s Ghana, Madagascar and Mali heavy fuel oil power plants commenced commercial operations.


Aksa Energy signed a contract for the rehabilitation and operation of the 24 MW Madagascar CTA-2 HFO Power Plant. Some 12 MW of the facility’s capacity was commissioned and began commercial operations.

The installed capacity of Ghana Heavy Fuel Oil Power Plant rose from 280 MW to 370 MW.

Aksa Natural Gas added 36 new districts to its service network; increasing its network to 180 districts and towns.

Aksa Power Generation's Miami and Uzbekistan sales offices were inaugurated.


Aksa Power Generation established a joint venture with Mitsubishi to produce high-tech generators.

Aksa Energy reached 24 MW installed capacity at the Madagascar CTA-2 Heavy Fuel Oil Power Plant.

Aksa Energy signed a preliminary MoU to develop an electricity generation project in Cameroon.

Aksa Energy obtained preliminary licenses for two natural gas-fired energy generation and sales projects in the Republic of Congo.

Aksa Power Generation obtained accreditation from Turquality, Turkey's most prestigious brand program.

Aksa Power Generation's online sales portal was launched.