Ali Metin Kazancı - Chairman
Ali Metin Kazancı

Ali Metin Kazancı was born in 1935 in Rize and began his professional career in 1950. Mr. Kazancı laid the foundations of Kazancı Holding during this period, establishing the Watt Electric Engine Factory in 1968, which would form the basis of future Group companies. Building on Ali Metin Kazancı’s successful ventures, Kazancı Holding started to found various Group companies in the energy industry from 1983 onwards, and transformed into a holding in 1994 to specialize in energy as its core business. Ali Metin Kazancı continues to serve as Chairman of Kazancı Holding.

Cemil Kazancı - Vice Chairman
Cemil Kazancı

(1961) Cemil Kazancı began his career working in the Kazancı Group of companies. His first management position was in generator production and sales. He subsequently played an active role in the formation of Aksa Energy, which was set up to expand the Group’s operations in the energy industry and to generate electricity, and which commenced operation in 1997. In addition to being Chairman of Aksa Energy, Mr. Kazancı is a member of the Boards of Directors of Kazancı Holding and a number of other group companies. He serves as CEO of Aksa Energy since July 2019.

Ömer Muzaffer Baktır - Vice Chairman
Ömer Muzaffer Baktır

Mr. Ömer Muzaffer Baktır graduated from the Mining Engineering Department at İstanbul Technical University in 1986 and began his career in Pamukbank as a manager in the banking sector. He served as Executive Vice President of Marketing at Halk Bank and as CFO and Executive Board Member of Electricity Distribution Companies at Cengiz Holding. Mr. Baktır then worked as Deputy General Manager Responsible for Marketing and Transformation at Ziraat Bank and served in the Surveillance and Management Boards of various overseas companies of Ziraat Bank. He also served as Chairman of the Board of Directors in Ereğli Group. Mr. Baktır serves as Vice Chairman of Kazancı Holding as of February 2018 and as Board Member of Aksa Energy as of July 2019.

Tülay Kazancı - BoD Member
Tülay Kazancı

(1959) Tülay Kazancı is a member of Kazancı Holding Board of Directors as well as holding seats in the boards of ATK Sigorta Aracılık Hizmetleri and Aksa Anadolu Yakası Makine Satış ve Servis. She is a member of the Aksa Energy Board of Directors since April 2010.

Barış Erdeniz - BoD Member
Barış Erdeniz

After graduating from Dogus College, Baris Erdeniz completed his undergraduate education in International Trade and Business at Yeditepe University. In 2012, he worked as the Business Development Manager of TÜRMAK Makina San. ve Tic. A.Ş. In 2013, he founded Turuncu Pazarlama and took over the General Manager. In 2014, Barış Erdeniz, who founded Erdeniz Consulting Company operating in the field of consultancy management, joined Kazancı Holding as the Executive Advisor. Barış Erdeniz, who has contributed to the goals of Kazancı Holding by conducting many successful projects in the field of operational efficiency since 2014, has been appointed as a Board Member on August 2017.