Kazancı Holding started its journey in the 1950s in a small workshop with great drive and conviction, becoming the conglomerate it is today through ambitious, large-scale investments, with the aim of creating robust, lasting value for our country in every field. We are proud to continue our efforts to produce reliable, passionately crafted, top quality products and services. With the power that we derive from customers’ trust in our products and services, we operate not only in the energy industry, but also in a diverse range of business areas.

We are a company confidently moving forward into the future with over 50 years of experience, know-how and expertise, always looking ahead with hope. We see our employees and business partners as stakeholders in the value that we create, and wholeheartedly believe in the importance of teamwork.

We know that customer experience and satisfaction will become increasingly important in business in the decades to come. As a result, we approach all customer demands and expectations in our fields of activity with a rapid-response, egalitarian and solutions-centered perspective.

Keenly aware that companies, just like individuals, are a part of society, we strive to participate in special social projects that merit support. We go beyond our core businesses to design and implement projects that bolster the education of younger generations to create a brighter future for our nation. We support social assistance activities, organize sports, painting and chess contests, and sponsor events of public benefit. To support the educational system, we reach out to children in need who cannot further their studies to cover their education fees, thus taking steps to ease their concerns for the future.