Kazancı Holding, with its foundations dating back to the 1950s, has been a leader of the energy sector. Always committed to customer satisfaction and trust, the Company is focused on power generation, natural gas distribution, energy generation and electricity distribution and sales. The Group makes significant contributions to the Turkish economy by investing in energy, agriculture and tourism, via exports and creating employment opportunities.

Each of the Group’s companies are leaders of their respective sectors in recognition of their business achievements. The following group companies operate under Aksa brand:

Aksa Energy, Turkey’s largest independent power producer listed on the stock exchange, is a global energy company that establishes and operates lignite, natural gas, fuel oil, wind and hydroelectric power plants in Turkey and overseas.

Aksa Electricity engages in energy sales nationwide, as well as in distribution and retail sales in Çoruh and Fırat distribution regions as an authorised supplier as per its licences. A total of 11 billion KWh of energy is sold and distributed per annum to a population of 4.5 million across Turkey.

Aksa Power Generation, the leader of the Turkish power generator market, ranks among Turkey’s largest exporters, shipping its products to 160 countries. The company conducts manufacturing operations in its factories in Turkey, China and the USA.

Aksa Agriculture is one of the leaders in ornamental plants, arboriculture, stockbreeding and dairy farming. The company operates at EU standards in Samsun and Tekirdağ.

Aksa Tourism engages in summer and congress tourism at the five-star Mirada Del Mar Hotel located in Göynük, Antalya, and runs winter tourism operations at the four-star Mirada Del Lago and three-star Mirada Del Monte hotels located on Erciyes Mountain.